Do I need to register my inflatable boat? Do I need to register my inflatable boat?

This depends on the state you live in or where you will be using your inflatable boat.  You definetly want to check your local requirements. In Washington State you are exempt from registering your boat for the follwing reasons:

  • Vessels less than 16 feet long with a motor of 10 horsepower or less, if used on non-federal waters only.
  • Tenders used for direct transportation between a registered vessel and the shore and for no other purpose. The tender must display the number of the registered vessel followed by the suffix “1”.
  • source: WA DOL website

Federal Waters require your boat to be registered if it has any motor at all, even an electric trolling motor.  

 Do I need to register my inflatable boat? How should I attach my registratieon numbers?

The easiest and most reliable way to attache your registration numbers to your inflatable boat is with a product called "Boat Number Plates.  They are custom made with your registration numbers and are glued to your boat.  We sell them HERE

Do I need to register my inflatable boat? Where do I find the documents needed to register my boat?

The Manufacturer Certificate of Origins (MCO) and Bill Of Sale are usually enclosed in a shipping pouch that is attached to the side of the box in which the boat or raft has been shipped. This is the same clear plastic pouch that contain UPS shipping label. MCO and Bill of Sale are the only two documents required by most US states to register inflatable boats.

You have to fill out all required information BEFORE going to local DMV or TAG agency. All information necessary to fill out the MCO can be found on the metal nameplate attached to the transom of your boat, such as model number, HP rating and HIN number. Please note that HIN numbers starts from VEJ plus digits, and looks like VEJ-xxxxxxxxxx, no spaces, no KR in front.

If any of the above documents are missing or damaged during shipping, please download and print replacements. To print on both sides of one page, first print one side of the paper page, then insert the same page back into your printer in order to print on the other, blank side of that page. Don't forget to fill in the blanks before going to register your inflatable boat.