1. Please download Plywood or Aluminum Floor assembly manual for more information.
  2. The first time you install a solid floor it may seem to difficult, but it will become easier with each time you do it.
  3. It is recommended that installation be done by 2 people, at least at the beginning.
  4. Aluminum side stringers are designed to cover joint points of floor blocks, they are not suppose to run whole length of the floor.
  5. Keep sharp edges of aluminum floor away from tubes, or cover with duct or painters tape during installation.
  6. Make sure tubes are fully inflated to squeeze stringers into floor channels. Boat tube should have no wrinkles or be soft to the touch.
  7. Inflate keel first, and position it such way that air valve on a top and in a middle of the keel. Then deflate keel while keeping valve in a middle of the keel. You will need it to make sure keel valve is properly position against opening in a front piece of the floor.
  8. Place floor places inside boat hull such way that there is equal distances left between edges of the floor plates and edge of the boat bottom. You will need these spaces to install stringers.

Plywood floor assembly details.

Insert stringers into side edges of floorboards. Side edges of floorboard should easily fit into C-channel of stringer.
Top ViewBottom ViewCorrect stringer position


Step-by-step instruction on assembly of plywood or aluminum floors.


Inflate boat about 20% and insert front bow section of the floor.

Insert  second and last sections of the floor.

Two middle sections will create roof-like structure.

Step on raised part of two connected floor sections.

Make sure that floor will flatten by spreading inside the boat.

Insert aluminum stringers between boat tubes and floor sections.

Aluminum stringers should interconnect at least two sections of the floor.

Inflate left and right tube of the boat. Use hand pump to finish.

Inflate bow section of the boat. Use hand pump to finish.

Last step is to inflate keel of the boat with a hand pump.